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Forensics Discovery Technology

Redefining the way technology is used
to manage digital evidence and electronic data discovery

What sets us apart from the competition?

Our commitment to making electronic data visible, actionable, and defensible!

Our profound understanding of digital forensics and eDiscovery operations

Our innovative data technology solutions that leverage automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), & cloud computing

Our application of industry best practices and performance-based processes

Our diverse competent technical staff and industry thought leadership

And most importantly, we value strategic and long-term client relationships

What We Do

Provide expertise and innovative technology to government and commercial customers.

Digital Forensics

Our proven innovative efficient ways overcome the challenges associated with identifying, collecting, preserving, processing, and analyzing electronic data.


Our innovative data review platform, powered by Indexed I/O, was created with you in mind – it is cost effective, easy to use, fast, accurate, and is designed to give you total control over your data, workflows, and costs.

Mission Support

Services offer end to end capabilities from laboratory and quality management system design and development, through digital forensics, eDiscovery, and litigation support staffing and resource management, to full facilities operation and program administration.

System Integration

We provide technical expertise and cutting-edge hardware/software solutions to help you manage digital evidence and increased workloads associated with the proliferation of digital devices and increased data storage sizes.

Training and Development

Do you need training? Look no further, we can help you get the training you need, whether it is for you personally or for an office that you support. Our services provide digital forensics training, competency/proficiency testing, and certification to ensure examiners receive and maintain current knowledge, skills, and competencies.


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