Making electronic data visible, actionable, and defensible

Combining our years of law enforcement, digital forensics, and eDiscovery experience,
our pioneering software and SaaS solutions, and our strategic partnerships with innovators of today’s modern technologies,
we are redefining the way technology is used to manage digital evidence and electronic data discovery.

We are your trusted partner!

As technologies evolve and sources of information and data sizes change and increase exponentially, digital media and electronically stored information identification, collection, preservation, processing, and analysis is becoming increasingly more challenging. 

Therefore, it is vital you partner with a company that recognizes these challenges and at PDFI, we understand and are committed to making digital evidence and electronically stored information visible, actionable, and defensible by providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions and digital forensics and eDiscovery services that enable you to meet your mission regardless of those challenges.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

It is our goal to be the company that best understands and satisfies the digital forensics and eDiscovery needs of our customers.

This means being the best in terms of customer value, customer service, employee competence, innovation, and consistently providing impartial, accurate, and defensible solutions and services.

To achieve this, we aim to continually invest in and improve our operations through reliably delivering timely, accurate, and thorough results, remaining compliant with industry accepted best practices and ISO standards, and continually improving our business processes through communication, education, innovation, and technology to provide the highest quality and best valued solutions and services on the market.

Meet our executive team

Clayton D Schilling

President & CEO

PDFI Office



Precision Digital Forensics Logo

The Precision Digital Forensics name and logo represent our company founder’s heritage, the legal community we support, and our commitment to providing the best solutions and services available.

> The word "precision" represents the company’s high-quality, accurate, and defensible services and work products.

> The words “digital forensics” represent the company’s primary mission, which is the recovery and investigation of data and information from digital devices.

> The company’s logo was designed using a lower-case Bauhaus 93 font for its ties to our owner’s German heritage.

> The logo’s uncomplicated design represents the simplistic fundamental structured way in which our company addresses challenges and the work we perform.

> The letters “p” and “i” are colored gold to represent a “gold standard” of excellence, which defines the high-quality services our company provides and the first pristine copy of a forensic image. The letters also represent the mathematical constant “pi”, which symbolizes the never ending and ever-changing growth of the technology and data we encounter.

> The letters “d” and “f” are colored black to represent authority, power, stability, and strength; similar to the black robe of a judge.  The letters also represent the legal community and digital forensics market in which we work.

> The "silver arc" symbolizes a spinning hard drive platter, and the lower-case “i” represents the hard drive’s central spindle and read/write arm.

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