PDFI D.E.E.P to Reform Law Enforcement Digital Forensics

Stafford, VA, June 24, 2020 – Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI) (www.pdf-i.com), announced today it’s ramping up the development of a revolutionary processing framework designed to help law enforcement cost effectively manage its digital evidence backlogs. Imagine seizing hundreds of forensic images and being able to determine their investigative value with no more effort than logging them into the evidence vault. PDFI’s proprietary Digital Evidence Evaluation Platform (DEEP) is designed to help organizations quickly determine the evidentiary value of seized digital evidence, producing preliminary examination reports within hours of seizure to help organizations make informed decisions about next steps.

Current popular backlog mitigation strategies include: 1) focusing examination efforts on high priority crimes only, leaving all other digital evidence unprocessed in backlogs exceeding 3 years in some cases and; 2) increasing the number of available digital forensic examiners by either shifting internal resources or hiring additional staff, which lessens the effectiveness of the diminished unit or increases the need for additional funding. History has proven neither method is truly effective as digital evidence backlogs continue to grow exponentially, which means we MUST CHANGE OUR STRATEGY if we are going to succeed and NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT.

In today’s current climate of civil unrest, Americans are marching in unprecedented numbers demanding criminal justice reform; prompting legislation to adjust funding and restructure police departments. While process improvement changes are always a good thing, changes that affect capabilities and funding can have a significant negative impact on programs that are already challenged, such as the processing of digital evidence. It is for this reason, PDFI is accelerating the development of its DEEP solution and hopes to have it available soon.

PDFI CEO and Founder, Clayton D Schilling commented, “Over the last several decades, policing and technology have been interconnected; law enforcement has implemented an array of technological advancements to improve operational efficiencies and in these times of enhanced scrutiny and looming resource challenges, PDFI is proud to offer a cost effective solution that will not only help law enforcement maintain investigative continuity for crimes involving digital evidence, but will also help them reduce existing digital evidence backlogs.”  

About Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI)

A CVE certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), provides proven innovative efficient ways to address the challenges associated with collecting, preserving, processing, and analyzing digital evidence and electronic data. Our solutions leverage technological advancements, process automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud computing to focus efforts on relevant electronic data, which significantly improves turnaround times and examination efficiency. Our expert staff has the knowledge and experience needed to help organizations manage digital evidence and the eDiscovery lifecycle for criminal, civil, administrative, regulatory, and enterprise security investigations and litigations.

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