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Precision Digital Forensics is redefining the way technology is used to manage digital evidence and electronic data discovery.

Our platform, powered by Indexed I/O, was created with you in mind – it is innovative and easy to use, fast and accurate, and is designed to give you total control over your data, eDiscovery workflows, and costs.

“I spent a lot of time researching eDiscovery options, and this one was the best that I
found. I would highly recommend Indexed I/O.”


Tara M.

Attorney at Macomber Yockey Law

Intuitive Interface & Easy to Use

Indexed I/O is a true do it yourself intuitive platform. Users can get up and running in minutes, without ever talking to a sales rep or ever utilizing a project manager.

"...Using Indexed I/O, all by myself, I managed to accomplish more in 2 days at the start of my project than they [opposing counsel] did in a week using multiple attorneys, staff, and a full-time database manager."


Aaron C.

Lit Support

Scalable, Fast, & Accurate

Indexed I/O’s “auto-scale” technology cuts traditional processing times from days to minutes while ensuring quick, accurate results every time.

With unmatched search speeds, you always have instant access to the critical items you need for your case.

The product is well-suited for processing email and documents for a quick review and production. I can have 10 custodian mailboxes processed, deduped, and ready for review within a few hours using Indexed I/O at a fraction of the cost!


Steve S.


Predictable Pricing

It’s easier for users to budget due to our pay-as-you-go pricing model. There are no long-term restricting contracts, no licensing fees, and no minimums.

Indexed I/O is the only eDiscovery solution that offers a daily Data Hosting Model. This allows for more predictable billing, easier project management, and eliminates ‘minimum’ hosting charges.

"Indexed I/O is the best document management vendor I have had the opportunity to work with. Their prices are better than any other vendor I've researched, and the support is beyond words. The database is very easy to learn and the training you receive is extremely thorough and always there to help you work through your toughest problems. I highly recommend using Indexed I/O as your document management vendor - it will be the best choice you will make for your next project and beyond."


Kim V.


Industry Leading Professional Services

Whether you need ad-hoc assistance or full managed services, our dedicated staff of digital forensics and litigation support professionals can help with everything from platform training to full project management and everything in between. 

Indexed I/O helps our team in large electronic document cases by assisting us with data
collection, processing, and production. This could not be done as effectively and efficiently


Denise T.B.

Advanced Certified Paralegal at Waterfall Economidis

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Speed up processing and review times, improve accuracy, and control your data and eDiscovery workflows while lowering costs with cost effective predictable pricing.