What is Indexed I/O?

(only the best most cost-effective eDiscovery tool you will ever use)

On-Demand Electronic Discovery

Indexed I/O is a client-driven, native-cloud SaaS solution designed to give law firms, corporations, and government agencies total control over their data, eDiscovery workflows, and costs. It is a powerfully intuitive, easy-to-use eDiscovery review platform that delivers more accurate results, faster.

Take your eDiscovery to the Cloud

Simplified end-to-end eDiscovery you control

With Indexed I/O, obtaining a scalable, cost-effective eDiscovery solution has never been easier. We offer a ‘pay for what you need’ pricing model with no long-term restrictive contracts, and there’s no software or hardware to purchase.

Innovative Technology Built for Today's Challenges

Powered by an advanced cloud platform and infrastructure to ensure security, stability, and speed. Indexed I/O is the most cost effective and intuitive technology built today to address the myriad of challenges associated with the identification, collection, preservation, processing, and analysis of digital evidence and electronically stored information.

Cloud SaaS Platform

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud architecture, Indexed I/O offers easy drag and drop processing, quick and advanced search, unrivaled analytics, comprehensive review capabilities, and productions at speeds that are unrivaled in the industry all while mitigating risks and keeping your data secure, confidential, and accessible 24x7x365. Our native-cloud architecture provides the fastest and most accurate performance in the industry regardless of size or complexity.


Whether we want to admit it or not, most of our communication is done via mobile phone — specifically, through text messaging, chat, and email — and typically, this type of data is a challenge to deal with.

MDISCOVERY – the industry’s leading solution for mobile device eDiscovery!

Our software will enable you to easily import, search, review, and produce your mobile eDiscovery data—just like your regular eDiscovery data.

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Speed up processing and review times, improve accuracy, and control your data and eDiscovery workflows while lowering costs with cost effective predictable pricing.