What is Indexed I/O?

(only the best most cost-effective eDiscovery tool you will ever use)

On-Demand Electronic Discovery

Indexed I/O is a client-driven, native-cloud SaaS solution designed to give law firms, corporations, and government agencies total control over their data, eDiscovery workflows, and costs. It is a powerfully intuitive, easy-to-use eDiscovery review platform that delivers more accurate results, faster.

"Having used your product firsthand I can see how it is a great alternative to Relativity, Summation and some of those costly vendor programs."


Francesca H.


Take your eDiscovery to the Cloud

Simplified end-to-end eDiscovery you control

With Indexed I/O, obtaining a scalable, cost-effective eDiscovery solution has never been easier. We offer a ‘pay for what you need’ pricing model with no long-term restrictive contracts, and there’s no software or hardware to purchase.

“We really liked the flexibility of Indexed I/O—It allowed us to be hands on with our eDiscovery projects and to offer clients access to search tools for a reasonable cost. With Indexed I/O, no project is too small.”


Angela L.

Attorney at Wegman Hessler

From a single file to petabytes of data, Indexed I/O has your eDiscovery processing needs covered. Simply upload your data, click a few settings, and instantly have access to the industry’s most powerful eDiscovery processing solution.


  • Audio/Video file transcription to searchable text
  • Email threading
  • Decompress and extract from archive or container files
  • System file identification
  • Hash code generation
  • Personal information detection (Social Security and credit card numbers)
  • Creation of reviewable PDF
  • Extract text
  • IMAP Email collector
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Extract attachments and/or embedded items
  • Extract metadata
  • Password protected file detection and handling
  • Extract Email domain
  • Real-time OCR of image and PDF files
  • File deduplication (Global, Custodian, and Collection Levels)
  • Real-time virus scan
  • Foreign language support
  • Dropbox integration
  • Named Entity Extraction

No one can beat Indexed I/O’s search speed. In most cases, it takes milliseconds to deliver search results on multi-TB datasets (many millions of items). This translates to near-instant access to important and critical information at speeds you have to see to believe.


  • Quick Search: Searches that are keyword-based should be run in the Quick Search Bar. Full Boolean search operator support is available including “AND”, “NOT”, and “OR” logic. Proximity and Wildcard searching is also supported.



  • Advanced Search: Comprised of a drag and drop environment.  This means users can drag out any field or project component to easily create, save, and share searches.

Interactive charts, graphs, and reporting allows you to quickly analyze and filter your data. Visually digest your data by file extensions, data type, processing metrics (exceptions, duplicates, system files), and even document timeline and social communication graphs.


  • Pre-processing Metrics: These metrics show users the size of their initial data, as well as the size after extracting container files like ZIPs and PSTs. It also gives users a breakdown of data by extension and category. This information is available to download in easy-to-view spreadsheet and PDF files. Example Pre-Processing Report
  • Post-processing Metrics: Post-Processing metrics provide information about the data after analysis. Users will receive a Data Overview that breaks down their data by extension, category, collection, and custodian. A document timeline is also provided that enables users to identify any gaps in the data and/or filter it down to specific dates. Example Post-Processing Report
  • Resource Reports: Customizable and allows the user to select which metadata fields they want to see for their records. Easily create privilege logs, reference tables, and more! Example Resource Report
  • Tag Reports: Customizable and enables users to view the total number of records with each applied project, system, batch, or domain tag. Great for creating search hit reports. Example Tag Report
  • Charts and Graphs:

The Indexed I/O review interface is streamlined to provide a secure, effective, and easy to use document review solution. Our simple and straightforward design allows you to focus on your review, not learning a new technology. Indexed I/O always provides unlimited users at no additional cost. Instant foreign language translation features are also included.

  • Redaction
  • “Hot Key” Features
  • User Notes and Privilege Notes
  • Document Clustering Technologies
  • Built-in Audio and Video File Players
  • Automatic Keyword Search Highlighting
  • iPad App for Document Review (Free)
  • Audit Log
  • Tagging and custom tag forms
  • Batch Management
  • One-Click Data Enrichment
  • Named Entity Extraction
  • Unlimited Users
  • Multiple User Roles
  • Easy, Fast, Secure
  • Multiple Views
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Full Access to Metadata
  • On-Demand Foreign Language Translation Support
  • Manage Related Items
    • Parent/Child
    • Duplicates
    • Email Threads
    • “More Like This” Clustering
  • Easy Filters
  • Natural Language Processing

Indexed I/O can produce and export data in a variety of ways. We have preset formats that allow you to export data into your favorite in-house eDiscovery software, as well as export customization features to format it however you need. Easily export your data with just a few clicks into Native, PDF, or Image formats.


  • Branded Images: Branded Images are a resized image of either PDF or TIFF files that can be labelled with bates numbers, confidential labels, and other text endorsements. Branding can also be done based on project tags.
  • Un-branded Images: This format is the PDF file that the system generates during processing without any resizing or endorsements applied. 
  • Native Files: This includes the original files that were processed with options to keep the original folder structures and naming, or to rename the records by bates number. Native file integrity is maintained with original metadata.
  • Text Files: This is the extracted or transcribed text of the records provided in a standard .TXT format. Text files are named by bates number.
  • Load Files: This format is available as a DAT, TXT, OPT, or custom extension file. Load files contain the information necessary to load productions into 3rd party review platforms and allow users to view metadata in an ‘easy to access’ spreadsheet. These files are fully customizable with options to set date formatting, file headers and delimiters, and included metadata fields. 

Download Example Production

Innovative Technology Built for Today's Challenges

Powered by an advanced cloud platform and infrastructure to ensure security, stability, and speed. Indexed I/O is the most cost effective and intuitive technology built today to address the myriad of challenges associated with the identification, collection, preservation, processing, and analysis of digital evidence and electronically stored information.

Cloud SaaS Platform

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud architecture, Indexed I/O offers easy drag and drop processing, quick and advanced search, unrivaled analytics, comprehensive review capabilities, and productions at speeds that are unrivaled in the industry all while mitigating risks and keeping your data secure, confidential, and accessible 24x7x365. Our native-cloud architecture provides the fastest and most accurate performance in the industry regardless of size or complexity.

“Ultimately, it came down to two companies and Indexed I/O was more cost effective, and the customer service representative was just so helpful and friendly—it was an easy decision.”


Tara M.

Attorney at Macomber Yockey Law


Whether we want to admit it or not, most of our communication is done via mobile phone — specifically, through text messaging, chat, and email — and typically, this type of data is a challenge to deal with.

MDISCOVERY – the industry’s leading solution for mobile device eDiscovery!

Our software will enable you to easily import, search, review, and produce your mobile eDiscovery data—just like your regular eDiscovery data.

“What separates mDiscovery apart from other tools is that the review interface mimics the actual cell phone or smartphone device, making it easier and more intuitive to review, tag, redact, and export.”


Brain McHughs


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Speed up processing and review times, improve accuracy, and control your data and eDiscovery workflows while lowering costs with cost effective predictable pricing.