PDFI Positions as Strategic Software Partner with Detego® Digital Forensics

Rapidly and securely extract, exploit, and examine digital big data assets

Stafford, VA, July 22, 2020 – Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI) (www.pdf-i.com), announced today its strategic partnerships with Detego® Digital Forensics, the developer of the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform, an end-to-end suite of modular digital forensics tools used globally by Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, and Enterprise Organizations. As well as Detego® Ballistic, the World’s fastest imaging solution. These software solutions were designed for use within the World’s most rigorous environments – war zones, hostile situations, and time critical operations, as well as within controlled digital forensic labs were speed and efficiency are critical. With today’s investigators faced with an onslaught of digital devices and the corresponding mass of data that’s created, Detego® has become the go to toolset to rapidly acquire, analyze and act on evidence and intelligence. The patented solutions allow digital examiners to gain access to and extract data from mobile devices, laptops, desktops, servers, electronic storage media, Cloud storage locations and more in a forensically sound manner. The amalgamation of this data into one central command center allows anyone to extract maximum intelligence from it and find the critical links to any case using automated workflow technology. The unique automation workflow features include but are not limited to:

  • Increased speed of investigations.
  • Significant cost and efficiency savings.
  • Faster convictions and more guilty pleas.   
  • Reduced backlog of digital forensic cases.   
  • Reduced complexity of the digital forensic process.   
  • Better utilization of your highly skilled and expensive workforce.   
  • Ensures a fully compliant evidential chain = court-ready evidence.

PDFI CEO and Founder, Clayton D Schilling commented, “PDFI is proud to be a strategic partner of Detego® Digital Forensics; an innovative company that has led the digital forensic software industry with forward-thinking digital forensics tools specifically designed to rapidly image, extract, exploit and examine computers, mobile devices and removable media. By combining our extensive digital forensics operational knowledge and deep expertise in the investigative arena with the capabilities of Detego® Digital Forensics’ software solutions, our partnership will lead the digital forensics market into a new age of innovative data collection, processing, and analysis.”  

About Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI)

A CVE certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), provides proven innovative efficient ways to address the challenges associated with collecting, preserving, processing, and analyzing digital evidence and electronic data. Our solutions leverage technological advancements, process automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud computing to focus efforts on relevant electronic data, which significantly improves turnaround times and examination efficiency. Our expert staff has the knowledge and experience needed to help organizations manage digital evidence and the eDiscovery lifecycle for criminal, civil, administrative, regulatory, and enterprise security investigations and litigations.

For more information on PDFI, visit https://pdf-i.com
Precision Digital Forensics, Inc.
Address: 400 Corporate Drive, Suite 201, Stafford, VA 22554
Phone: 1-540-288-4600
Email: info@ pdf-i.com

About Detego® Digital Forensics

A division of MCM Solutions, a British Company that developed a range of innovative, digital forensics software solutions, predominantly around covert and overt rapid data acquisition and instant, often automated, intelligence analysis. Detego® Digital Forensics’ digital data acquisition, forensics, intelligence analysis and eDiscovery tools, are used by Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, and Enterprise Organizations on a global scale.

For more information on MCM Solutions, visit https://www.mcmsolutions.co.uk/
MCM Solutions
Address: The Courtyard, 30 Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1SL
Phone:+44 (0) 1403 267 176
Email: sales@mcmsolutions.co.uk

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