Professional Services

Our solutions leverage technological advancements, process automation,
Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud computing to focus efforts on relevant electronic data,
which significantly improves turnaround times and examination efficiency.

We offer the following solutions and services to government and commercial organizations

Digital Forensic Investigations

Need help collecting, processing, or analyzing data?

Our solutions provide proven innovative efficient ways to address the challenges associated with collecting, preserving, processing, and analyzing digital evidence and electronic data from computers, mobile devices, servers, drones, vehicles, cloud storage locations, and associated media.

Our services are end-to-end from seizure to court testimony and cover everything in between to include triage, early case assessment, data culling, and in-depth examinations for criminal, civil, administrative, regulatory, and enterprise security investigations and litigations.

To help cost-effectively address ever-expanding backlogs, we developed a revolutionary processing framework called D.E.E.P (Digital Evidence Evaluation Platform) that was specifically designed to help organizations quickly determine the evidentiary value of seized digital evidence and electronic data. 

Imagine seizing data and being able to determine its
investigative or litigation value with no more effort
than logging it into evidence.

Now that’s innovation! The proliferation of technology and the increasing complexity and size of data demands change and PDFI is here to provide that change.

Our competent staff have the knowledge and experience needed, whether in the field, the Cloud, or in the lab, to help organizations manage digital evidence and the eDiscovery lifecycle. We follow industry best practices, use tested and validated hardware and software, and comprehensively document all examination activity from evidence receipt to disposition to ensure data integrity and court admissibility should you decide to pursue legal actions.  

Strategic Consulting Services

Need help establishing a digital forensics unit, laboratory, or facility or perhaps you just need help improving your existing capabilities or need to know a data preservation best practice? 

Our staff has years of experience building, managing, accrediting, and improving digital forensics operations; whether you are seeking to accreditation or not. We will share our administration and technical operations experiences with you; helping you avoid the pitfalls and overcoming the challenges associated with operating a digital forensics service and working with electronic data.

If you are interested in accreditation or just need help integrating into an existing accreditation program (e.g., CALEA or an accredited CSI program); let us know and we will help you every step of the way from the development of a quality management system to helping you manage your program after accreditation.

System Integration

Need help integrating new digital forensics capabilities into existing infrastructures? Are you interested to learn more about our D.E.E.P. solution and how it can be integrated into your operations?

We provide technical expertise and cutting-edge hardware/software solutions to help you manage digital evidence and increased workloads associated with the proliferation of digital devices and increased data storage sizes.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your needs; we can definitely help your address your digital forensics pain points.

Training and Development

Do you need training?  Look no further, we can help you get the training you need, whether it is for you personally or for an office that you support. Our services provide digital forensics training, competency/proficiency testing, and certification to ensure examiners receive and maintain current knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Ensuring examiner competence is vital to the success of any digital forensics organization and that begins at hiring. Staff should be thoroughly vetted during the hiring process to ensure they posses the required, education, training/certification,  experience, and as needed security clearances. Once hired, they should undergo internal training and testing that includes a comprehensive knowledge exam and hands-on competency test where failure is not an option. In addition to these initial requirements, they should undergo annual training and testing that includes a hands-on proficiency test; again failure is not an option.

To help us provide this level of training to you, we have partnered with several of the best trainers and certifying bodies in the digital forensics industry. Our partners have extensive experience training and testing digital forensics practitioners, law enforcement, IT, and lawyers. 

If you need training, give us a call and help you get they best training possible!