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Our services provide digital forensics training, competency/proficiency testing, and certification to ensure examiners receive and maintain current knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Ensuring examiner competence is vital to the success of any digital forensics organization and that begins at hiring. Staff should be thoroughly vetted during the hiring process to ensure they posses the required, education, training/certification,  experience, and as needed security clearances. 

Once hired, they should undergo internal training and testing that includes a comprehensive knowledge exam and hands-on competency test where failure is not an option. In addition to these initial requirements, they should undergo annual training and testing that includes a hands-on proficiency test; again failure is not an option.

To help us provide this level of training to you, we have partnered with several of the best trainers and certifying bodies in the digital forensics industry.

Our partners have extensive experience training and testing digital forensics practitioners, law enforcement, IT, and lawyers. 

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